Renbow Crazy Color

Renbow Crazy Color - Semi Permanent Hair Dye (100ml)

Colours Will Last Between 4-12 washes.

Pre-Lighten Hair Before Applying Renbow Crazy Color.



Directions Of Use:

 Towel Dry Your Hair

  Apply Crazy Color Direct, Spreading Evenly Over The Hair (Wear Gloves), Cover With Plastic Cap.

  Leave For 15 To 30 Minutes, Then Rinse Thoroughly Until Water Runs Clear.

To avoid any embarrassing 'surprises' or weeks of hat wearing make sure you make time for a strand test before going crazy with our life changing color. It won't take long and will ensure you have chosen the fiercest colour. Follow The top tips for stress free dyeing;

Rubber gloves are a must! Crazy Color dyes may only be semi-permanent but don't let that fool you! If you get dye on your skin it will stain, and nobody wants their hands to be the same colour as their hot new hair so BEWARE!

 Safety first, okay, so you have 2 options for testing.

To test the desired colour of hair only (recommended)

Choose a hidden section of hair to work with

 Next, apply 1 tablespoon of your dream Crazy Color dye to your sample. Always apply the dye to wet hair for optimum results. (ps. Always evenly coat the strand to maximise full colour coverage, unless it's the tie-dye look you are after of course!)

 Let the dye soak in for approx 15 minutes (ps. if your hair is thick or coarse you may benefit from leaving it on for around 30 minutes) before thoroughly rinsing the sample to reveal your electrifying new colour.

Ps. Remember it can take up to 24 hours for any allergic reactions to surface. If you experience no reactions you are free to go crazy and colour! Oh and remember if you are feeling really daring why don't you try mixing our colours to create a devilish shade unique to you!



 Firstly, clean a small area of skin for testing, some people often do it in the inside of the arm or behind the ears as these areas are relatively discreet.

 Squeeze a small drop of dye onto the cleaned area and leave it on the skin for as long as possible – we recommend 48 hours!

Allergies are very rare, but if during the test period you notice any abnormal reactions such as itching, redness or swelling in or around the test area, DO NOT APPLY THE PRODUCT If no reaction occurs you are good to go and can crazy colour until you heart is content! Enjoy!