Lolane Pixxel Bleach Powder & Developer
Bleaching Powder 1 sachet - 15g
Milky Cream Developer - 12% Or 9%


Volume (Strength):

How to use :

1. Wear gloves, mix Lolane Pixxel Hair Bleaching Powder with Lolane milky Lotion 12%,
using 1:3 ratio (1 sachet of Hair Bleaching Powder mixed with 1 bottle of milky Lotion),
stir well in mixing cup until blended.(Metal container is disallowed)

2. Use brush to apply mixture to hair leaving 1 CM from roots to avoid contact the scalp. 

Always check hair's brightness intermittently.

Do not comb while the mixture is still on hair since combing can cause hair breakage.

3. When getting the desired level of brightness, rinseof with clean water, then shampoo

hair to remove remaining substances. After that, rinse off with clean water again until the

water runs clear.Once mixed, the mixture cannot be kept for the next application.

The longer you leave on the hair, the lighter the shade achieved.

(It is advisable not to leave on more than 10mins - otherwise may result in hair damage)