Limecrime Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Hair, hyper-performance hair color from Lime Crime that leaves hair feeling silky-smooth and smelling like a meadow!

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is a 100% cruelty-free and vegan hair dye.

What it does: Turns you into a real-life unicorn! Conditions hair while depositing clean, vibrant color that lasts longer, fades gradually & gracefully.

What it won't do: Damage your hair. Turn into a dull shade unworthy of a unicorn!


Apply to pre-bleached, clean, unconditioned hair.

Massage color into each strand.

For longer-lasting, more intense results, leave the dye in for 1-2 hours.

For more pastel results, wash out after 30 minutes.

Don’t worry, Unicorn Hair will not damage your hair, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach!

Rinse until water runs clear, shampoo & condition as usual.

To extend the life of your color, use shampoo for color-treated hair in between colorings.